Revolution Update - May 28 2014


Here is the most recent update...

It has been a long and successful year designing the EZ-Robot Revolution product line. As you can see from our website, the robots and EZ-B controller board are working amazing. There have been positive experiences from our pre-order customers with the EZ-B v4.

Now that we have handed our designs to the manufacturing companies, we are starting to receive first-run samples of the parts. This is the second batch of parts we have received. We also made a video of the first batch, which you can find on our channel.

We have another batch showing in a week - where we will make another video, of course! Smile

We are still on target for shipping in July! Great news Grin

And here is the previous update...

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Awesome! And to be honest, the EZ-B case and power shell look so much better there than the 3D printed versions.


I have a feeling a pizza dinner is in store for the team tonight.... Winky I agree with Rich, the injection molded ezb shell looks awesome... So the molds are being done in China... Where are the boards being done? China as well, shall I assume?

Awesome Smile


@Richard R - You are correct! We have one group managing the electronics assembly (EZ-B v4, Camera, wiring harnesses) and another doing the plastics. They are both in China and already work closely together to ensure everything is getting done!


Product Management and Project Management appear to be as one entity @ EZ-Robot.
Smile Smile Smile Smile


Thanks everyone Smile

3D Printing will never compete with a real injection molded piece. There are very fine details that the 3D Printers are unable to create. Once you hold a injection molded piece from Revolution, you will understand what has taken so long Grin


When the prAda starts to flow I'll have to get a few of the EZB shells. They do look great. I've already stripped out a couple screw holes and broke a couple screw posts opening and closing the 3D printed ones.


All of it looked so amazing! I can't even believe the difference. I am such a newbie, because even the 3D printed pieces looked unreal to me. No comparison though, you are right DJ!


@Dave, you are not alone there. One of the first things I did was over tightened the screw and snapped the post.Then I did it again!..


@Rich did you want a spare shell? pm me your address if you want me to print you a replacement ABS one Smile


Jay Smile