Kangaroo + Sabertooth 2x25 + Ezb V3=?


I am going to hook up the drive train and i want to use the kangaroo chip w/ the sabertooth to have a more precise movement control using the ezb v3. I may be beating a dead horse since this topic has been addressed in other posts, but since im more of a fabricator than a programmer i would like the "Idiots Guide" version. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


The serial commands for the Kangaroo are laid out very clearly in the manual for the Kangaroo. They are also discussed at great length in this topic, this topic, this topic and a few others.


Good luck Anthony... Thanks to Dimension engineering, "idiots" can't use the Kangaroo LOL (not directed at you by the way)... Only smart guys like Tony (that I know of anyway) have been able so far to master the kangaroo... Dave, Lumpy and a couple of other guys have had limited success... I had a quick look when I first bought one, but quickly put it aside because it initially seemed overly complicated.. However, I am going to take another crack at mine now that I have the V4 to work with...


The 'roo & sabertooth are on my wish list it's just funds are very low right now (that said I will be trying my luck with DE to see if we can work something out). When I do eventually get around to getting one I'll be covering it as best I can.

To be honest, the manual for it is pretty clear and I'm pretty confident it should be a breeze to use with both the V3 and V4 once the correct methods are figured out. In the mean time I'll happily fire code snippets as required for testing (but it may be a lot of back and forth, trial and error).

At the end of the day it is simple serial, it shouldn't be posing as many problems as it has been, unless the reality of it is that the manual just makes it look like it's straight forward (but honestly I can't see that being the case).


Hey Rich... and I mean this seriously... I have 2 roos... I am willing to send you one of mine free if you work on a V4 script for us average smart guys... Smile ... Send me your address and I will post it out to you...



Hold that thought for now @Richard. I would also require a Sabertooth and I have literally just written an email to DE to see if they can offer any kind of discount for the Sabertooth 2x5 and Kangaroo X2 bearing in mind the potential popularity of these devices should the support for them working with the EZ-B be there.

Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know what the outcome of the DE discussions are.


No worries Rich... the offer stands, though...


@Rich, I'll send you one of my 2X12 Sabertooth's I have a few more then I need. My personal e-mail is dschulpius at WI dot rr dot com. Send me your address. No charge. Smile

To be honest and I'm sure your aware the issue has been feedback info. I found one way around this by attaching a pot to the ADC port of a V3 EZB and the motor shaft. However the response time lags a little. I gave up on the code before I had it working right. The V4 will solve all this, I think Tony's use of high resolution encoders is the way to go with the kangaroo.


Guys, if you can bear with me, I hope to have a V4 within a couple of weeks. I have already written PIC (microcontroller) library code to do most things that the Roo does. Once I get a V4 and start playing with it, I will port these over to EZ-Script and it will be available to those that want it. It took me a few days to get my head around the way the Roo works, but it was well worth it!

The Roo Sabertooth combo makes a great highly accurate motor controller, and Dave is right high resolution encoders are the way to go for locomotion. I just started testing now with the (PIC) controlled Roo locomotion and I can teach the EZ:1 robots base to accurately move from room to room. Whats also cool is at the end of a run, I can command the PIC to reverse the journey and the EZ:1 base unit goes exactly (and accurately) back to its start position, this could be a charger pod etc.

So please do not give up on the Roo, linked with the EZ:4 it going to be awesome.

In the meantime I am sure that if Rich did have a Roo, he would also be supplying us scripts in no time! Rich I got my Roo Sabertooth components at Active Robots they deliver within a day or so, as I said these are great little units and (I think) worth the investment.



Tony, we really appreciate that... I am hanging on to at least one of my roos for this very reason... I look forward to the pic to V4 port....