Hello all,

I was across the country for work when both my EZB4s and cameras arrived at my house. I'm back and today I unboxed everything. My first impressions are...wow. Are we sure there is not a missing "1", like its maybe version EZB14? Really, an enormous advancement over v3. Everyone there who was involved with the creation of this board and camera, my hats off to you. DJ you have done it again. Another game changer.

The EZB: I really like the color coded ports. I have so many controllers and they all connect differently, its nice to not have to think about which way the servos plug is turned around. One small complaint, the small writing for the labels on the ports ("D0". etc). At 48, even with reading glasses, its hard to see. But, I've printed the schematic and as long as I have the EZB oriented correctly I know what ports are where.

Connecting was easy with my router. I have it set up as a client. It was fast and straight forward.
I look forward to trying out the Dynamixel set up, and have ordered two to play around with.

The camera: speed and clarity are amazing. I know alot of the improvements are under the hood, but the camera is just outstanding. I tried all the camera controls and they were super fast in response to the input from the camera.

The EZ- Builder software continues to be more powerful with each update. But things in the pipeline, like a wi-fi serial terminal, are just outstanding improvements. I'm also looking forward to the IOS version of the Mobile builder since I own a shoebox of Iphones and Ipads. I'm sure the wait is due to Apple and not EZ Robots.

As some of you know I'm working on a Kickstarter campaign that uses the EZB exclusively. I had postponed it for a few months while I waited for the EZB v4, and I'm glad I did. The improvements added will only make the product shine brighter. Hopefully it will help EZ Robots grow through sales. I'll release all the info, videos, pictures, and Kickstarter info here first. I'd like the community help it grow, by adding scripts and ideas to the EZ-Cloud. What better place than this forum?

I know you guys at EZ Robots have had a very difficult year, but its slowly paying off. The company will reflect that in continued success and growth in the coming months and years. To all the EZB employees and DJ, wonderful job!


Thank you very much! That is so nice to hear! I'm sure everyone here will love to read your kind words in reward for their hard work Smile

We recognize the font size with the port labeling. I have probed Jeremie a few times on how we can address that. To keep the board as compact as it is, we have had to accept the small font.

So, in my response to address the font size concern... EZ-Builder now has a graphical port selection menu. When selecting ports, it now shows a physical view of the EZ-B v4. This means you can visually see where the items are connected to the respective port.

I have also added the Port Summary configuration menu in Project Details. You can read more about it on this page: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=1003


Ah ha! Just connected a servo and added servo Movement Panel and I see the graphical port selection menu! Perfect solution! Fantastic!


Do you have current projects you are planning to update and share with the EZ Robot community?
Looking forward.
Glad you received EZB4.
Steve S



Like Dave Schulpius, I have a B9 I started 10 years ago. But because of daytime work, a new family, I think its probably going to be a retirement project Smile (I'll be able to add in the new v10 EZB by then). Here is a link to what i have completed on my robot from about 2009.

As for other projects, again time permitting, I'd love to do a robot in the 3d print library. But probably would not be until after the end of my Kickstarter.

B9 Progress


I found your video.
What determination, with a great longing to achieve such a personal desire!
Thank you for sharing such a great project and video.
Your professional work is evident!
I am glad to be part of this great community.
Thank you,
Steve S


@fxrtst - I'm glad you're back home safe and sound. Look forward to more updates.


Thanks! So am I. It really is a great community.


I'm so jealous of the way your B9 arm works in that video. I hope mine turns out half as flexible and responsive. Winky


Thanks Dave. Hopefully I will get time to work on it when I get the Kickstarter done. Would love to figure out the rest!