Any New Community Ezb4 Robots?


Just checking to see if there are any new EZB4 Robots or conversions?
I know it is just starting.
I have been following Dave's posts.
Can,t wait to hear from Richard R.
I know it is a major upgrade. I have watching the tutorials.
Just excited and looking forward.
Waiting to learn more from the actual builders on the community.
I wish I could follow older posts without remembering all the details. No second or third page on posts?
Thank you


Hey Steve... Actually my first project with the V4 is to see if I can get 2 way serial (using the UART port) to work with the Create... I will post once I get it working... To be honest I am so excited about getting the V4 I really haven't thought much about any real projects with it yet... It's so elegant and pretty, kinda' makes me want to build a shrine for it instead of using it... Tongue


There will be a 2 day control for the iRobot pretty soon. it's on my list - but time hasn't been my friend


Keep watching... I'm currently working 20 hour days at the moment (a few of those hours are spent taking breaks coming on here mind you) to catch up with a massive backlog I have but once that's done I plan to put my V4 to very good use Smile

I am currently torn between fitting it in Melvin (he could really do with it and it would give me the motivation to finally finish him) or using it in my Wall-E I stripped apart a few weeks ago (would be easier and quicker than doing Melvin). Either way, it'll be off of the coffee table and in to a robot soon.


No worries DJ, I was just going to play with scripts and the UART commands for now.... Funny... Once I migrated from basic controls to scripts (and thanks to you and Rich's help on using them)... I was hooked.... And If you can believe it, I am teaching a neighbours kid (he's 11) how to use EZ Builder and the ezb... Up until this point RC was all he knew... I think I got him hooked... He's probably bugging his parents right now to buy him a Six....


I know there are a couple of us with the EZB(4)s that want to use the Roomba and take advantage of the two way serial port to not only send commands but to also receive informational packets from the robot. This sounds simple but there are several steps involved in receiving data packets, decrypting the information into usable form and displaying understandable results. Simple reports like wheel tachometer readings and battery status that would include temperature and voltage level would be nice.


Hey Doc... Packets are sent back in 1 or 2 bytes (as you know)... I don't think I will have too much trouble with the 1 byte packets, however the highbyte and lowbyte (2 byte packet) probably will trip me up... I did get it working with my old controller (AtomPro)... Even the two byte packet too... However, I did have trouble until I got help from Basic Micro forum on how to do it...


@Richard, just think about what's happening with it logically, look over what commands are available and what they do and you'll figure it out.

Although if there is a native control coming for the Roomba/iRobot then, other than as a personal challenge (some of my best work comes from me challenging myself to achieve something that's totally pointless) you may as well just use the control.


Richard R, yep, I think we may get a whole bunch of help from DJ as time goes by. In the mean time I've decided to upgrade to the R3 7XX model Roomba which has no documented information at all but has some similar input commands and may still use some of the same data packets as the R2 Roombas and the Create.

And I know Rich will help out if we ask him. We may have to bribe him with a Roomba, lol.


Richard R, You have been great on the EZ Robot forum and your builds.
D.J.Sures. I can,t wait to see what you offer the community, thank you so much for your great work! So exciting!
Rich, you are always helpful and very resourceful, thank you, I have wondering about MELVIN and how you might incorporate your experience into your interest?
Robot-Doc, many great interesting builds, can,t wait to what you add?
So many great people that will jump on this new technology.