Peaking Under The Hood Of My V4 Ezb


Hi all,

I just unpacked ny new V4 EZB and thought I'd shoot a video of what it looks loke up close and with all the plastic caseing taken off. I wanted to get ths posted last night but Youtube took forever to up load. Enjoy:


Thanks Dave!

I don't know much about it myself since I don't have mine in my hands yet but to answer some of your questions;

The 3 ports you said you don't know what they are, I believe these are the three I2C ports. The black one to the side I assume is the UART port.

DJ has previously mentioned it's centre positive on the jack, just to confirm what you said.

I'd say it's a 20A fuse, the EZ-B passes through the voltage so chances are you may want to pull a lot of current. A 20A fuse will still blow very quickly if there is a problem. As far as I am aware a fuse is a fuse, an amp is an amp regardless of country.

It's 3.3v on the ADC/I2C ports.

Love how it looks, so neat! And my concerns about it's height are put to rest, I didn't realise it was the power base in the photo I saw of it. Since I plan to not use the base and just have a mini deans connector in my robot it should just plug right in and be that bit shallower.


Thanks for adding your knowledge to the statments I made and the questions I asked Rich. Glad it was of some help and enjoyent to you. Winky


Instead of another EZB4 thread I'll just add a couple of more pictures into Daves' post. I did take one EZB4 apart, moved the large capacitor (resettable fuse) up a little, desoldered the power connector and added a couple of power leads to help relocate the way power can be connected. Don't forget to add fused protection between the EZB4 and your battery source.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Guys... nice, thanks... And Dave... LOL...We use the same fuses and such as you Yanks do... Nothing special here... That is indeed a run-of-the-mill 20amp fuse...



Thanks guy's for taking the time to share video and pictures.

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Ok, I am jealous, where the heck is mine? It's floating around in some factory in China :-{
Thank you for the information and the pictures and the extra comments :-}


Another thing to keep in mind is the speaker is a spring loaded
contact design integrated into the plastic housing. No housing,
no speaker.

I'm sure one could solder wires and add an external speaker if


@Lumpy, I'm sure all the modifications to the board will slowly come once people get hold of theirs and start adapting them to suit their needs Smile


Look to the bottom left of the speaker contacts, there are pin holes for an external speaker connection. It reads SPKR which means SPEAKER.

The amperage is indeed 20 amps for the EZ-B v4 power supply.

The large thing on the EZ-B main board is not a capacitor, it is a resettable fuse. There are two fuses on the EZ-B v4....

Datasheet and intro videos are coming today...