New Bot Shown On Two And A Half Men


A cool looking robot was shown during the final two and a half men show tonight. It would really be a great platform for the new EZB(4).

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That is too funny, I just tried searching for this robot after my wife told me it was on TV.
I did not get to see its movements.
I could not find it till I looked on EZ Robot!


It's movements weren't that great. Walking was rolling on wheels. To be honest I've seen much better bots on here by "beginners".


Some shots for inspiration etc.

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Lol, it's mouth looks like it was made for the "adult" industry.

It's sad to see robots like that - specifically without many identifiable use. The trouble with using boring and ugly robots in media is it programs people to think that's what robots are. We're an exceptional company doing a great deal more than everyone else!

What a terrible looking robot lol

Wouldn't you rather see one of these EZ-Robots?


The body looks ok...but the head design is crapola.
But I guess they were trying to make something funny looking?

It looks like the work of this guy


There must have been a short time period to get this out the door and on the studio floor. Idk. I think my expectations for a highly rated sitcom may be too high. For a DIY project, it isnt too bad. He should've consulted with us first. Winky


Wow , that little dude looks like a rushed science project. Lol its probably just a plug and play rc Rx too. I was eyeballing the frame wondering how anything could move besides the wheels on the base. I would have been more excited to see topo with a Microsoft Sam voice lol.

If it was a individual I would rush to his ( or her) aid in making a better robot body. Smile


I will say the only cool part was the el wire in the body and the pulsing el wire in the neck. the rest was a glorified erector set.


Being in the industry I'll chime in here. Yes usually gags like this in a sit com have very little money and even less time to build. Usually a week or less. A lot of these things end up being a mashup of things a shop might have from a previous commercial, etc ,etc. Usually these are animatronics, not a real robot. That is, there are puppeteers running all the parts off camera by remote control, voice etc.

That said I agree with DJ on the point about boring robots. Changes in that opinion are coming in the next few months. Stay tuned.