For Those Who Have Received Confirmed Shipping Email?


I know that Rich got a confirmed shipping email... Anyone else? Can you post here and let us know?


I'm order number 3515 and really dont expect to get a notice tell next week even though I ordered the first day Pre ordering was available. I think Rich got bumped to the head of the line because all the help he's given the comunity and the load he's taken off EZ Robots Tech Support. They did mention they had a bunch of orders from prople that ordered the V3 just after it was disconiued that would be shipped at the very start.


Same here, I'm order 3514 and have not received a notice yet. But, it's only Monday.


Doc, it's Tuesday Smile

But it's early in the week. It's likely to be a case of getting what they can get out sent out when they can get them sent.

If you got the email saying your order is part of this first batch then shipping of your order is extremely close if it has not already been shipped.


Thanks for the update Rich, it's been hectic here with a bunch of Roomba parts orders.... Somewhere I lost a day, Smile Smile


Ok, so at this point, no one (or no one has come forward at least) but Rich has had anything shipped (confirmed with a tracking #)?


I'll come forward, just received shipping confirmation of my order from September 2013.


Sweet Doc... You have 3514... I have 3544 and 3597... Hopefully I will also get a shipping email soon too...


Got my shipping notice.


Me too!
Didn't get a tracking number though.