Help With Lynxmotioin Ssc-32 Servo Controller W/ The V3


Since the V4 is not here yet and I need LeXI completed in the next week and a half i bought 3 x ssc-32 to help with the servos. I connected the sc-32 to the ezb thru the ttl connection but having connection issues.
i wanted to test a servo so i used a script with sendserial(commands). but nothing. I was asking josh about it and he mentioned the Baud rate needs to be the same. SOmething which looks so simple to do is driving me nuts. I anyone has experience with this ssc-32 can you give me some ideas as to how to set it up and connect to eb v3. a simple script example will help alot, a basic move a servo to center position and ill figure out the rest.thanks in advance.


Com baud rate is 115200 but can be changed with dip switches. Here is the instructions

there's a example script to start the serial handshake too.


I understanad the that is the baud rate on the V4, but, I think the baud rate on the v3 is 57K. I could be wrong,but you could try it.

someone on the board will know the answer.


This might help:



Board pin out labels

Make sure the board has power. Next I'm looking to see if I can find command examples in the hexapod sketch.


Here is the full lynxmotion user manual


It has been posted in the recent past that the only port that will support serial communication at 115,200 is D0 all the other digital ports can work up to 57,600.


I believe I remember that too and the servo controller can change to match ezb other ports.


Yes, I just found the ssc-32 switches used to set the baud rate:

User-inserted image

So it would appear that 115,220 is not a good choice if you're not using port D0. Also 57,600 is not a choice on the ssc-32 board, so it would seem that 38,400 could be used.


There's no reason not to use D0 , might as well use the fastest option