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Source For Large Plastic Project Boxes?

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Tried eBay, but was hoping to locate a online retailer for various sizes of electronic enclosures... Looking for large sizes of about 8" x 8" x 2" or 10 x 10" x 2", etc.... Anyone now of a good supplier of these?


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Honestly there are limited options that are also reasonable price. There are huge enclosures for desktop equipment that range around 100 dollars but it is simply not worth it. I have noticed it is however economical to buy old equipment , remove the insides in a few minutes and have a ideal project box. Target items for smaller enclosures are cable and dsl modems, wifi or wired routers ect. A larger enclosure in the 10 to 14 inch range are typically things like a old xbox, ps2, old cable box from time Warner or comcast, tivo, old satellite receivers from companies like dish or direct tv.

#3 has a selection of desktop sized cases and rack mount sized ones too. I'm looking for some more options.


You can Try Mouser. You have to wade thru the listing. They have lots of listings.


Thanks guys, I'll check it out...


I have two of these comcast boxes that gutted easily with a t series screw driver. T6 i think. The are vented and the comcast logo is a easy fix. Plus they come with a external 4 amp 5 volt power brick

Just search for :
RNG110 cable box

they are 15 -35 dollars

i did a basis tutorial showing how easy it is to re purpose these , they should meet your needs. Smile


Here's a WebSite for plastic that I use to get just what I want.


you can buy polyphorph and shape it to the size and shape you need here is the link


Thanks again Josh, Robert and Doc... the polymorph would not work.... I am looking for an elegant solution... I think I have found what I need...

Thanks again guys