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Is "Ping_Wait" command pause the script until the distance match the specified value?

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Like the ping wailt command... I just discovered the ADC_Wait command... much more efficient than using getadc in a repeatwhile or until loop....


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@Richard - Yep, there are many scripts where I didn't use the ping_wait or ADC_Wait commands because I tend to over complicate things sometimes. I've changed them now though, in fact Ping_Wait is used in my latest Ping Roam script for the intelligent turning (turns until it's clear, which is basically a Left() or Right() command followed by a Ping_Wait() command).

I did contemplate changing my battery monitor to use ADC_Wait to avoid the constant loops but since it is also used to report the current voltage that wouldn't have worked. I do, however have another script that runs along side the battery monitor which basically starts with ADC_Wait() so that it only runs when the battery level is below my pre-determined absolute minimum, then it shuts everything down that it can shut down to conserve energy until I can manually intervene. Eventually this will become the auto charging script when I finally get around to figuring out the "auto find docking station and charge".