Robotic Claw Inspired By Doombot.


Awesome design with using that Vex stuff. I just looked into the VEX website, pretty cool stuff, great way to build a nice large
robot. I'd like to get one of their classroom kits,seems it has tons of parts.


@Richard R Are going to skin it or leave it bare?


@Richard, I just received my Vex Gear set today. Looks like it will work in my B9 arm construction someplace, somehow. It's a quality part. I just now figured out what extra parts I need to make this work with one of their motors and ordered them. They don't really do a good job of informing the customer what is needed to mate up any of their parts like motors, sprockets and gears. You would think that everything being build exclusivity for their set that they would lay it out a little better. I've noticed that this is the case now-a-days for a lot of companies. They seem to assume that it's obvious to everyone how everything works and what is needed. *eyeroll*

How quiet are these Vex motors when working under load? What voltage are you running them at? All I can find on the web site is that the stats are recorded at 7.2 volts. I image that that is the recommended voltage but as I've found that DC motors can be run at many various voltages both above and below what's rated.


Yes, the parts are very good quality for sure. And yes, its hard to find info on what part is needed in addition to something else. I started with the clawbot kit, so I got a good sense of what was needed with what and then just built from there. The motors are about the same noise (I wouldn't consider them to be noisy at all) level as any other geared motor and put out way more power/torque than you would expect from their small size. And finally they are 7.2v motors, but I have not tried to use any greater voltages on them, though.


@Anthony... pretty much going to leave him bare metal. One of the up coming challenges will be adding a head. Most likely will use conventional servos and LEDs to add animation.... Right now not sure how to go about making or even what materials to use in construction of his head.... Thanks for you comments guys....


I really like the claw Evan without the sensor where did you buy it from


@Richard R Love your build because it reminds me of my Meccano kit days! (back in the previous century) Take your time on the head that's were everyone focus will be and a large source of personality! Smile


@Mohamed.. if you're talking about my claw (as opposed to Tony's who skilfully made his) it's from my Vex kits..
@Glen.... me too, that's why I like Vex so much... loved mechano as a kid.... Vex has great integration with motors and servos which makes it perfect for use with the EZB


Do you have a link to the kit