Ping Ping Ping


Question for you guys..anyone. Other than object avoidance, is there anything else a ping is good for in association with EZB?


Finding a lost airplane? (I hope they do find it)...... But that's a very good question. I would think the opposite of avoidance being detection like a person entering and area? I know their will be other creative ideas chiming in Smile


Proximity detection, i.e. people/animals moving past it.
Distance measuring/mapping (although this get's complicated and is something I've not yet tried to tackle)


I have been thinking about putting ping sensors on all sides of my bot, and when it detects something (person, animal, other bot) it would turn the camera to look and try to identify, rather than just trying to avoid.



Hey Alan, I was thinking along similar lines... Only I was going to use "focused" PIR detectors for the same purpose... Whatever side the robot picks up motion on it will rotate to face the direction of movement...


One of my posts, I think it was my introduction to scripting, covers moving towards or away from detection which may be useful for that Smile


All great ideas. I was going to omit the ping from this design, but I like the idea of the sensor detecting movement and looking in that direction.

I'm currently looking for anyone interested in helping with the programming in EZB. I will be too busy printing, molding, running pieces to make my deadline (this is for a Kickstarter campaign). If you are interested in working on it on please contact me privately. Probably the programming could be started now and fill in the values when the prototype is finished. I can offer a trade, programming for one of the kits.

Thanks in advance,



I know we chatted once before about your kit. Is this the same one and can you refresh my memory?


Yes. I've turned down a film to get it done and launch the Kickstarter. I'm spending hours and hours getting all the parts reworked. In reality this is V2.0. With some updating some design programs I use, I able to really push in some great details. Also reworked all the mechanical portions. Its a much better product now (although not quite done about two more weeks). Great learning platform. Thank goodness for all the great customers over at the B9 builders, I was able to get most of my financing from this last batch of robot parts. How about that? Robots supporting robots?!


Navigation , relationship to the robots location in a room you already have measured out for your robot. Or maybe to determine the size of a room in a proxy centimeters.
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If you can get some scripting in line to record distance then reference it on a table then a robot can crudely map a room when it enters it then switch to distance for the robot check and updates aprox position in that map. Distance sensors can be utilized for motion if they are checked often enough but the robot would need to be stationary at that moment to determine the sudden change in distance readings. A distance sensor faced down can assist in determining the difference between carpet or hard wood as carpet will be closer to the sensor.