My New Customer Makerbot Experience


Just like i did with the Solidoodle I am sharing my overall experience purchasing a new makerbot. I will compare some of the same prints i did on the solidoodle with makerbot. Take in mind 80 percent of the difference is firmware for the "reprap" makerbot controller and the Makerbot slicer is more consistent than the open source SLIC3R. Also I have a used unit that I have had for a week while still waiting on the new one. First things you should know is I like to get the best reasonable deal i can. I discovered a few Promos for Makerbot you can also take advantage of if you call their sales line. Take in mind not all promos work on their website. Currently ( as of April 7 2014) Replicator 2 systems are on sale at 200 dollars off without a promo code as well.

$200 off purchase price PROMO MAKERBOTFRIEND

( this is emailed to you if you add any item to you cart and don't complete a order)

Filament 15% off BIRDHOUSE

at this time buy any 4 spools of filament get additional 10% off

20% gold conference pass BOT

Alternatively Amazon has makerbot filaments with free shipping if you need them quicker as well.

At this time the filaments i have and price before discounts to use are:

- Makerbot 4 rolls of white ( 8.8 pounds) $48 x 4
- Makerbot 1 roll of clear ( 2.2 pounds) $48

on the way are:

-Makerbot 1 translucent red (2.2 pounds) $65
-Makerbot 1 black filament (2.2 pounds) $48

-Ninja Flex black 1.1 pounds $60
-Ninja Flex red 1.1 pounds $60
-Ninja Flex white 1.1 pounds $60


Hi I am going to buy a 3d printer but I want a really cheap one so I was wondering where did you get the makerbot for so cheap please send me a ling


I called makerbot in new York at their sales line. Their website is The end price is 1799.00 because of the free shipping and 200 off promo that their sales line approved.


Ok so to start off i would like to say overall the makerbot software is very user friendly. Within ten minutes I was printing a widget and it did a excellent job one thing other printers struggle with is overhangs as well as printing over large gaps. Due to the slicing software it does a great job formulating a plan for the print and then writing it to gcode. My experience so far is with the used model. I am still waiting on the new one from makerbot. I have been waiting about 2 weeks since I ordered. They shipped it out but the package was lost or stolen so sadly I'm dealing with that right now. Makerbot says ups has still not responded to their claim so they are in a holding g pattern awaiting approval to re ship me a replicator 2. In the meantime I have started printing some of our prototypes Anthony has been envisioning as well as popping test parts out for zero rover. It's exciting to have these. A chines to use.


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
ironman thumb costume pieces

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

All these finger segments are 4 sets of the same fingers. Thumbs , index , middle, ring and pinky. They are standard definition pieces. In the future I may try printing on the finest settings but it also drags out print time. Since these pieces will be sanded and primered before paint it is not a issue.

Something I HAVE noticed is the makerbot has banding issues like the solidoodle and a fairly simple mod fixed the problem so i will search for a similar solution for makerbot m it has to do with the Z axis wobble as the bed drops or raises between layers. The white filament color hides this in pictures but it is there.


Here is a 14 hour print , the xlr6 body prototype.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Those prints look really good Smile Cant wait to see your Concepts take shape!

Just as a reminder we added a 3D printing category a couple of months ago that's perfect for this kind of thread. I have been really enjoying seeing what the community is 3D printing and try and answer as many questions as possible Smile


Oh yeah? Where have i been? I didn't realize there was a dedicated 3d print section. Well I guess I can copy n past it over their then , is that cool?

And thankyou for the well wishes on prototyping


I think its ok I just meant it as a general reminder for anyone who didn't know.


Ok tiny update , for some reason my used printer extruder keeps stopping up so i am trying to figure that out. Maybe I will remove and clean the tip better. It has clogged and ruined 3 prints so far. I tried the basic trouble shooting steps and re leveling the bed. The extruding works fine for like 1 to 4 hours then clogged agian. I count my stars that the 14 hour body print was able to be finished. I have heard that a bit of wd40 in the extruder right before the print helps prevent this problem.

On the bright side I had probably had 12 to 14 prints go perfect so i guess this is part for the course on the error rate.

As for the new makerbot I believe they are finally shipping it out today and I will have a confirmation of that when I email them. They respond to emails usually in a few hours but I have noticed they are not proactive. I did get refunded 200 bucks because the price dropped after I placed my order but before the printer was shipped out.