3d Printing The Hard Way , Khudos To This Kid



I don't see people do this often but this kid didn't have much cash but wanted something cool and did a awesome job with a 1/4" piece of wood , glue , clamps and a hand saw..... yes I sad hand saw. I wanted to buy this kid a Dremel so bad lol.


not only is the the making off the spider is supreme but also his post.
two colored eyes amazing.


Oh yeah man, very inspiring for a 16 year old to manage this. He made everything but the servos and individual components from scratch. He even etched his own circuit board and cut the claw out of aluminum barstock.. wow


good brain&hands and good working space.you cant imagine whats he's capable for . at the age 21 years old.


This young man and the several that post to our forum here give me hope for the next generation that will be stepping into our shoes. Smile We hear so much bad stuff and stories about the up and coming generation that it's good to see there are members of it that have the drive and brains to make a good difference. I have a feeling that there are a lot more out there like our kids here and this 16 year old then bad ones. I wish we'd hear more good stories like this then the bad tails we always see on the news.


i see this here in belgium a lot.young kids mess up there brains whit drinking&drugs.
thats why i love ez robotics so much.even a non programmer can create amazing stuff.
and most of all making affortble robots.in all country's.