What Did Your First Robot Look Like


I found a photo of my first (programmable) robot build back in 1979 which worked by recording tones on a cassette player! I have no idea why I did not have a shirt on, I think it was a hot Summer that year!

Steve S and Rex (and of course DJ) have produced some awesome robots in the past years so I thought it would be neat to start a thread on forum members first robots so we can see where everyone started from, so here is mine.


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I just started a year ago. First picture.



@jdebay, nice looking robot!

I suppose the most epic first robot build here must be @Dave Schulpius B9 - if it is Dave's first build? It is one amazing robot build!


Melvin will be my first... when he gets finished. I was hoping to change the V3 to a V4 but I guess I should just stick with the V3 and put up with the constant disconnects and small range for now and possibly upgrade it at a later date when the V4 is finally shipping.

I have to agree with @Tony that @Dave's B9 is the most epic robot on here. There are a lot of others that have been great inspiration too, mostly the smaller ones nobody seems to mention or don't get as many updates as other robots, like some of the awesome Wall-E robots and Omnibots on here.


well we all know who my first Love( uhmm Bot) is.

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My first robot build was Roamin, but I have changed things with it now, but for my first project, it was a great build and it caught attention :-}
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Low riding wall-e. Simply put.


Great thread toymaker! My first robot is F.R.E.D inspired by EZ-Robot and Forum members, starting off as a chat head and becoming a Steampunk demidroid with two arms controlling a two levered time machine. I plan on entering FRED in the Instructables robot contest and I hope one day EZ-Robot will produce a contest as well Smile
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Here's mine! Almost complete endoskeleton.


Awesome doombot...Terminator beware!