Al-7 Drone Air/land Surveillance Drone


Ok im working on the design and parts for the air/land drone( aka AL-7 Drone). The premise will be a Quadcopter/Quadraped. Below is a 360 degree view of the concept. light weight, tailored for the v4 and keeping the style of the XL series bots. I may be changing the design concept to use 4 omni wheels versus the 4 legs. still pondering the thought. will ost as always the final concept and test renders.


Can't wait! Just found this thread.


@technopro it's currently in development and will be posted here when renders are done and first prints are completed.



Give it hexapod legs


@DJ Sures, I was going to, but this guy will be working with the rover! The hex-a-pod Quad has been done. Im trying to gear the bots im doing now as "Team Players" I want the 3 of them to work together to get the job done(providing someone has bought all 3) together. I want them to interact . Im going to be using my AR drone 2's i have to test my ideas. Cheaper than building new ones and im only selling the kits anyway to hardware.


Nice project anthony can you post a video of them together


@mohamed.r Its still in concept stage. Once a prototype is made i will post vids and pics.