Xlrobots.com Zero-rov-r!


heres the revised final omni-wheel from XLRobots.com. I designed it to print whole! i will test that design tonight.
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{deleted by me due to lack of interest by OP for assistance}


All very good suggestions , we really appreciate your feedback Winky


heres the first prototype omni wheel. all in one 3d print. printed complete no assembly required.


This video is private? fixed. now next link is to my stuff....?



Love to see the videos, but they are on private.


sorry, when i upload from my tab pro it always defaults private. i fix it. again sorry guys.

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Hmm, so it only works if it's in the right position for sideways movement?

Where as, if like this it works sideways all the time
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Or this is more like what I was trying to describe originally (not quite right but I don't have time to sketch it so it'll do)
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As Rich said, that wheel will only work if all wheels are in a square configuration or side by side like a typical car... they won't work on your stop sign shaped bot design above... the front and rear wheels of that bot are going to drag in forward or reversed movement...


The Zero-Rov-R (hexagon shaped body is josh's design. I was only tring to see how they would look. The omni wheels are for my XLR-Xplorer.