Xlrobots An-dru Humanoid Biped.


Unfortunately I can't trade internationally otherwise I'd have sorted you out, I'll ask my accountant to see if there's any kind of way around it when I get chance.


I would never recommend GoDaddy to anyone! If you need the same sort of all-in-one service that GoDaddy provides, but a lot more reliable and with better customer service, and if you can't find anything local/from a friend,
Dreamhost are awesome and so much better than GoDaddy!


I use www.1and1.com for two websites and have never had any downtime/failures. Fees are reasonable, domain name and site tools are $10 a month for each site.


Andrew looks Smart.


estimated price for Andrew?...just the body.


We're still developing the parts. Once completed I will post the details.


Anthony, is there any way to post on the XL robots forum yet? I have a few questions fit for that forum.



@technopro the forum is down for a while due to extreme spam users filling up the posts with crap. i looking into a better format and will have it up soon. meantime you can direct your questions to Anthony@xlrobots.com faster response time.