Xlrobots An-dru Humanoid Biped.


Heres our Biped Bot for the XL Series named after my youngest son Andrew. This bot is roughly 28" tall.
Whats cool is that i made the body fully closed to hide the wiring and the v4/battery. More to come soon.

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wow 72 cm tall.
any idea off prize?
can the feets get another chape?
i do like the idea Grin

ps i get error 500 when i try to go on xlr forum.


Very cool Anthony! Looking forward to closeups of the head! Smile 72 cm tall will challenge the balancing electronics for sure. If anybody can do it you can!


thanks, they are rough renders. im print the feet and legs to test before i move forward on the design. trying to make the walking movements as smooth and natural as possible.


is the xlr forum under construction?


The XLRobots forum went down on sunday. I called GoDaddy who hosts our site said it was a server failure and i have to re-do the forum again. THis also means everyone needs to re-join again. i upped the server pkg to avoid this in the future. it should be back up by thursday.


thank you.i will.



That's pretty sweet. The head reminds me of Daft Punk... Grin


Have you worked out how you will make it walk properly yet? The feet don't look like they would be all that stable to be honest but I guess you have the luxury of being able to test, redesign, reprint and retest to make it work (a luxury I don't have with my biped design hence the months and months of working it all out).

Also, on that side note, that's extremely poor service by GoDaddy, I'm only a small time host with a fraction of their clients and assets and each and every site I host has multiple backups throughout the day along with a realtime duplicate backup so if something does go down the other kicks in and there is no data loss (at worst it's a tiny outage, which is so rare I guarantee 99.9% uptime). I'd have hoped someone as big as GoDaddy would look after their customers better, there is no excuse for losing a client's data. But maybe it's a blessing in disguise, if you need to start over with it you may as well look for something a little better than PHPBB.


The forum is back up.!

@ rich what is your rate for hosting? Also PHPBB is all i have at my disposal right now.