Xlrobots.com's Ez-robot Members Discount!


This community is The BEST of its kind on the web! And to show my appreciation to all for the help and encouragement through my builds. So to give my thanks, ALL EZ-Robot community members who purchase our V4 Bodies and kits pay ZERO Shipping! Thats $0.00 shipping all everything on our site! Once we launch, There will be a discount code needed to get the free shipping. Ill post the code here on my thread. Thats FREE SHIPPING U.S. & Canada! International orders will receive 10% discount of purchase.Thank you all in advance. Anthony-XLRobots.com




Thank you kindly, When will you guys start production?
I need something like lexi, or Omnibot 2000, about 5ft tall from wheel to head.


@pj_dtechy send your designs for your bot to anthony@xlrobots.com. we will send you renders of you design idea and price quote.


nice thank you


When you guys go live will we be able to purchase prints of those HD7 arms?
i'm thinking they would be good on the bot that i'm building but i don't have a 3D printer to print them myself.
They'd have to mount on to a mannequin torso but I'm sure i could find a way to rig it.


Hi Kull , there is a "surface mount" you could use to bolt onto a surface. You can use polymorphic plastic to fill uneven surfaces like a slight curve for example.


Can't get to the website...
Is it offline ?!


site is not up yet. launch date is still on for the 22nd of March. This Saturday.


Anthony is the Administration for the website, I'm the administration for facebook. He has not enabled HTML5 for mobile browsers yet. So you can only see the site from a PC right now. It is mostly the graphics being made right now but the forum is functional if you manually type the URL in.