Roborealm Support?


Hello Everyone,

Sorry if this has been answered, I could not find a search function.

Does the ex-robot controller/software support the use of Roborealm software?


@templargfx you will find the search function box directly above the Recent Posts in the community forum tab Smile and there are 28 threads related to your question! Smile


HA! I see, its only on the main forum page, and not the sub pages. That explains it Tongue


Ok I just went through the search, and unless I missed something there is no mention of support for roborealm.

There is a few non-dev posts asking about it, and a few "possible integration" related posts from 2 years ago. But I cannot find a definitive answer.

I need to know, because if it does not support roborealm I will have to find another robot.


Under the tab Explore , down to the bottom ..Learn..and supported platforms for choosing a robot. I believe the answer to your question is no. The supported software languages are.... " EZ-SDK (C#, C++, VB)
Our powerful Open EZ-SDK Robot Library uses C#, Visual Basic or C++ to control physical hardware for robotics. Your custom program will communicate with the EZ-B Robot Controller over a wireless connection from your Laptop or PC. The SDK exposes every powerful method that our graphical EZ-Builder application is built with.

Includes speech recognition, servo control, digital I/O, ADC input, visual processing, joystick/wiimote input devices, tcp server, and much more! The download includes dozens of code examples to start right away. "

This Forum has many robot enthusiasts who are very generous with their knowledge and can help in many ways. There will be others who will chime in as the "earth turns" and people wake up and start their day, on this subject.


Thankyou for the responses.

I need to look more into EZ-Builder. The reason I want to use roborealm is that I have already created a very complex and highly robust navigation and mapping system in VB based around the functionality and video processing that roborealm provides and I would prefer it if I did not have to re-write it! It is heavily dependant on being able to quickly filter the camera feed to find edges, and without this, the system will not work

Ive downloaded the SDK manual to see what it is all about!


Hi TEmplargfx! I'm unsure if EZ-Robot is supported by RoboRealm. I know they were working toward an implementation - and had been asked by dozens of our members. Sadly, I don't think they have done it yet. The EZ-SDK and EZ-Builder are two different ways to use EZ-Robot. There is a video on the Downloads page that explains the difference. EZ-Builder is a very very very very very very very very very powerful program Smile I think you'll be happy with EZ-Builder

There was also someone creating an EZ-Robot/RobotRealm merging program... Not sure what happened to that either. We're quite biased about our EZ-Builder software, so our time is spent with new updates and features to make it awesomer and awesomer.

PS, awesomer is a word! I invented it Grin



Do you think something along these lines would be possible with your software directly?

(the white line represents the point that the robot should not attempt to cross)

The basics are :

Contrast unify the webcam image (make everything the same brightness)
Apply colour correction / white balance (increase colour range in image)
Apply uniform blur to image
Run basic edge detection on blurred image
Convert result to black/white (white being the edges)
count pixels up from the bottom on every column to find distance to edge
Use arrayed information to map vision using trig

The filtering and image manipulation was extremely easy to do in roborealm and it works so well I am hoping to not have to come up with a new system!


Sure, you can do that by identifying a specific color using the MultiColor setting. You can fine tune specific colors and hues and luminance ranges.

You can also have your robot understand speech recognition, and a billion other things with EZ-Builder. This isn't a EZ-Builder vs Roborealm discussion - however, it depends what your attempt is. I think Roborealm is neat and has it's purpose. If you're a VB programmer, I would spend a few minutes of your time to create a RoboRealm to EZ-Builder bridge - since they have an SDK and our EZ-Builder has a great network service.

Great thing about EZ-Builder is it also runs on your mobile device and has nearly a hundred control mechanisms - including scripting ability.

I would recommend downloading and installing EZ-Builder. If you don't chose it, good luck with RoboRealm and say hello to them as well. Grin


Thanks DJ for the definitive answer! I guess I chimed in too early Smile @templargfx you have an amazing achievement! WOW! There are many if not all the robot builders here on the Forum who would love to see more of your amazing work and integrated into EZ-Builder! This thread is going to be swamped I guarantee it! Congrats!


I could probably make a bridge application for folks using RoboRealm. I wonder how many people are looking for a integration application like that? Any RoboRealm user's out there want to give me some input on what they would like to see in a bridging application?