Which Wall-e Should I Get ?


Well, I just ordered a Developers kit and an extra controller, looking forward to getting everything. My plan is to convert a Wall-e into a robot, like on DJ's video. Which Wall-e should I buy to convert?


Either the Ultimate Wall-E or the U-Command depending on both your budget and the availability of them.

You will find both can fetch a very high price, the ultimate being the more expensive but the u-command, even without controller has sky rocketed in price.


If someone has/finds an ultimate wall-e,the disney store wall-e or the big remote controlled eve for a reasonable price, plz, plz tell me. Those are the only ones missing in my complete wall-e collection. I have anything else.

In my opinion the u-command wall-e is the best one as a base for ez-b.
They cheaper ones dont have the needed technical complexity and the ultimate wall-e would be a waste.


whaaaaat!?!?! the ultimate wall -e is super well built but a complete mess when it comes to the remote and its abilities.
so much more can be done with the v4 as a brain.

my only real problem with doing any mods to my ultimate wall-e is my lack of experience.
ive completed my u command wall-e, starting on the Hasbro R2..then ill UPGRADE the Ultimate wall-e

I actually purchased the Disney limited edition wall-e for the neck, its awesome. got it for 20 bucks because it had no remote.
I paid a cool 100 for the u command wall-e (missed out when they were going for 40 or 50)
got the ultimate wall-e for 350 (sold the remote to a guy on this board for 50)


@hoolagen1: "the ultimate wall -e is super well built ". Thats why I think its a waste ^^

If anyone has one of those robots and wants to sell them I would be glad to buy them to fill the best 3 places in my vitrine Smile


I found and purchased a Wall E U Command on eBay for $145.00. There are a few more for sale there. Thanks for your help. Now I will wait for everything to arrive. I think my granddaughter is really going to like this project!


I have a question, the Wall-e used, it doesn't need to work correct? I wanted to buy a Wall-E on ebay, there were a couple that were sold as-is, for parts only. It doesn't need the control or the guts correct? As long as it has a head, body, arms, and tracks, correct? I won't need any gears, etc.


You are correct @ulyssescpt
The first step in a Wall-E build is to strip out all the insides - electronics, motors, gearboxes, arm levers, drive shafts, etc They don't need to be working as you replace them with servos and the Ez-B controller
For good pics of a Wall-E teardown check out http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=2180


I have 3 u command wall-e's and I would kill for an ultimate wall-e. I would trade one for an ez b board.


here's an idea