Ez-builder App Design And Testing With The V4!


Hey guys, been busy getting bot built for the XL launch. Heres a video of the interface im making for the XLR-6.
the interfce will basically control all movement from forwards,reverse, turns and such. what it will also control is the turret which will have a air soft custom BB machine gun. the interface will control the firing and aiming of the gun via the cam which will be added in the center of the interface. i will also setup a weapons only interface for serious combat. will post more up soon. thanks for all the support you guys all rock!

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Hey! You'll shoot your eye out! *eek* Winky


Very cool dude!


looks nice&works great Grin


this is a first draft, flat and mostly wanting to see how it all works together. The final version is going to be more realistic gritty. this on took me 20 min to throw together. Remember it is going into a themed encloser which i forgot to mention has really cool led effects and hd paint detail. mix the awesomeness of the app with the awesomeness of the encloser and you will be floored. My goal is to really impress DJ, just wait to you see whats coming!


Do you plan on sharing any of your work for others to use in their own designs?


yes of course. I'll go one better...On XLRobots.com site we will have a freebies section. I will post templates for you guys to use as is or customize for your own bots. they will be layered in PSD format. so all you need to do is pop in your images. granted they will be basic setup's. the one's for the XLR line will be a bit more complex.


I was thinking more along the lines of the individual buttons, sprites, backgrounds and frames. There will be few people who want the exact same controller design but anyone can build their own with a selection of buttons, icons etc. and a copy of Gimp.

FYI, this inspired me to pull my finger out and start designing Six's control panel ready for when he turns up Smile And on a side note, you may want to impress DJ but you should know you've really hit it if you impress me lol, I am an extreme perfectionist (hence the fb comment) and very hard to please so that's one hell of a challenge! Smile


@rich thanks so much for that, i really mean it. It makes a big deal when your work is recognized, thanks again and if you want , im making a custom interface for six for DJ, ill send you the files to mix it for yourself.


I've always preferred to do it all myself rather than use something someone else has done (chances are it's not done my way and, well, it's my way or the highway).

My Six GUI is pretty much there, I have a load of graphics from building Jarvis' GUI amongst other things that come in handy Smile

I was just thinking about the other users. A collection of icons, buttons, backgrounds, panels, etc. may come in handy.