Doombot V1.0


That's what I meant the tubing



Yeah I think I've seen what you're talking about...they were using a liquid cooling system not unlike what they use in cars, to cool the motors. Great idea.

For those interested, this is how I'm gonna measure feedback on the pneumatic cylinder:

User-inserted image

I'm sculpting outer shells for the arms, and I'm installing the potentiometers on the joints. I can then use the GetADC() command to read the value and use it in a script.

I'm using relays to control the cylinder, powered by CO2 canisters, the same ones used for paintball guns.


Not sure how I missed your Doombot?
Very cool work.
I hope you get the chance to upload more pics.


Here here! What's the latest on Doombot? The most badass bot I've seen.


Have not seen any updates with Doombot in long time ? Would love to see how it is progressing.