Doombot V1.0


Doombot Smile
All I can say is AWESOME man, that truly is a work of art in the making robotic wise.
That really looks like a powerful beast in the making. Very good work, curious to see how far you take this project? I'll be back, the famous last words :-}


I think you should set it up to play (maybe simulate playing, anyway) one of your guitars dude... make your own compressorhead bot... Winky


Thanks again @stonewolf

@Richard R
I thought of doing don't think its a little cliché? hahaha. I may do a bot in the future where it's just a torso with a specially designed fingering system and a special fretboard to accommodate it...maybe we can make some lightning-fast black metal?! haha. Its something I can jam with that'll play along with me or even teach licks...or can even tune guitars for me...kinda like an interactive tablature or even an instructor...

Anyway this is where I'm at with Doomy I'm drawing out the "formers". It's like an armature for the basic shape of the outer shells. I will then sculpt panels out of Proclay (Monster Clay). It's a professional grade of oil based clay that a lot of F/X guys use...invented by a friend of a friend of mine. I shall then make silicone molds of the sculpt and cast fiberglass shells out of that.

My highly professional CAD drawing that took me 200+ hours to draw:
User-inserted image


Ok I'm forming the basic shape on the bottom of the body, I'm coming close to something I can live with (my design work seems like it never ends, I've come to accept I'm never content).

Here's what I've got so far, The basic skeleton, pretty soon panels/coverings are next. Stay tuned. Tongue

User-inserted image
Look Ma no hands

User-inserted image


A very professional build



Thank you sir. Much appreciated.


Freaking awesome! You've got some talent. He looks huge! Is he really the size of that fridge there?


Thanks! Yep he's varying in height right now, but I'm quite sure it's gonna stay this way, he's about 5' 6" right now.


@Doombot on doombots hand there is a pipe leading down what is that for
I saw another robot that also had a pipe and they said that they put a liquid inside and it will cools the robot



I'm not sure what pipe you mean
That's just tubing to organize and protect all the wires.