Doombot V1.0


Nice WorkWinky Dig the XO Skeleton quite a bit. Thanks.


That is so Awesome! Finally someone has built a Terminator, the ultimate end all machine of mankind. Would love to see
a production run of those. Just think, Cylons, Terminators. a small army of them, send them over to Afgan...
So cool!


Thanks man! I appreciate that. I have finished most of the torso section and the bottom half I may post more pictures tonight. The right arm is coming up too, identical to the left only with a different hand.


Doombot V1.0 Stands upright via linear actuators (in the back) at 5'1".

User-inserted image

Here's a closer look at the arm of doom, and the "other" hand. That's a squirtgun mechanism inside.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

More to come! The bottom half is gonna be covered in aluminum plates. No wheels are gonna show. Also I still have the torso motor mount, I just mocked this up to see where I'm at so far...I guess that may add another 2" to the height. I might have to trim somewhere, if the proportions are not right (in my eyes).

Thanks all for the wonderful comments. This is way too much fun for me. With the exception of the motors and electronics, most of the stuff I used to build is just stuff around my garage...


The more I look at it its starting to remind me of the Sith...Its got like a General Grievous feel to it haha. Maybe a cloak and a lightsaber? I can call it Darth Doomicus haha


Rear view of the head mechanism

User-inserted image


I'm scared! *eek*
next time he plays the guitar!
wow! creative work - Í wanna see a video


I def like the nick name Dark Doomicus! @Doombot what is your vision for the Doombot droid? Entertainer? Telecompanion? or hired out as an attention getter for shows(Guitar Cons) Enquiring minds Smile


Wow, this is turning out to be a engineering marvel. Where are you getting all your parts? I see some that can be bought but it looks like your making a lot of them yourself. I love the way your using acrylic for mounting plates and pivot points. What type acrylic plastic are you using? They are making polymers now that are almost as strong as some metals. I like using acetal and Polycarbonate LEXAN.


I'm not sure what I want for Darth Doomicus now, definitely want to bring him to conventions...but no funny dancing stuff for this guy! Like I said it's for intimidation! I may bring it to Monsterpalooza in California this year!

Thanks! Not quite the engineering marvel like you said...pretty standard stuff. Look around Home Depot and Lowe's you'll find a lot of what I use. Also frequent dollar stores and the like...I love using Lexan and Delrin. But I also use a lot of wood like Poplar and Oak. And of course fiberglass. I can go crazy and start using carbon fiber and Kevlar but that's when I'm more confident about my robot-building skills, as I'm still learning as I go. I didn't start with any drawings or schematics, I just started building.