Object Recognition And Vision Associative Memory Demo


Object Recognition and Vision Associative Memory demo on the EZ:1 robot.

An example of the EZ:1, EZ:2 Ai core and showing associative memory working at vision level.

The EZ:1 robot is the robotic development platform for the forthcoming EZ:2 robot series.

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That's awesome!


Love it !


I agree with Rich, the Object Recognition and Vision Associative Memory demo is awesome.
The still picture of the EZ 1 holding up and determining the object, with his head turned, is an outstanding moment captured.


Well that is awesome! @Justin has accomplished his "facial recognition code" which is very cool as well....perhaps Justin can add in cans of beer or toothbrushes etc as well! Smile


Thanks for the comments, vision especially object recognition is the big game changer now that should kickoff the mass produced Personal Robotics market sector. If a robot can see (and identify objects) then it no longer needs to be in a structured environment and can start doing useful work. Added to this we have visionaries like DJ with great tech like the v4 (and EZ-Builder) and I am now sure we are at the start of some pretty exciting robotics that many of us have dreamed of!



I agree, this it what I have dreamed of.


@Toymaker Is your application recognizing objects based primarily on shape, text, neither or both?


Hi Justin, the application uses 2 algorithms one for shape and the other for texture (feature extraction).

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I for one, am very excited to see these developments.