Xlrobots Community Forums Are Up!


The site goes live on the 22nd of March but in the mean time i setup our forums so you guys can get the ball rolling for us. All are invited we look forward to seeing you guys there! P.S. We are also adding a live chat for those in need of answers asap.







A couple of suggestions though;

I would say that it may be an idea to redirect the EZ-Robot Revolution and EZ-Robot/EZ-B topics to this forum so all information is in one place. I believe that is why no support is given on social media sites and a simple "ask on our forums" is usually given.

I'd also highly recommend you greatly modify the PHPBB3 backend to make it more secure and less vulnerable if you haven't already done so. There is so much information on the net about how to hack and troll a PHPBB3 based forum it's unbelievable.


@ rich Thanks rich, i appreciate that input. The ez-robot forum will be forwarded here and also be on the forum on my site.It is basically geared towards the functionality of the ez-robots products in our parts not like what we all discuss here. I would like to know more about the security issue though. hit me up on facebook when you get a chance so i can be sure to have a top notch experience for all of our friends both here and at XLR.


i cant see the link


no i cant get in.nevermind.


Ok I got it to work can't use the add link function.



Yeah, the add link function seems to he broken for the last day or so.


am in thank you