Robot Leagues And Competitions


So wouldn't it be neat to have leagues and competitions? I want to hear your opinions. Tell me if there's any kind of interesting competitions lots of members of all ages could compete in. So far here is a short list of the standard ones. Not to say that any of these will happen but let's talk. Smile

1. Sumo Robot competition

2. Maze solving time trials

3. Firefighting ( find a flame , put it out)

4. Dance off competitions

5. Indoor Obstacles course / Rescue League
-Search and Rescue - find a object or checkpoint then go back to start while navigating over uneven terrain and around objects.

tell us your suggestions or ideas , express your excitement


I think we could get creative and have real-world robot competitions, instead of the boring old sumo garbage. EZ-Robot has changed robotics, let's change the competition styles as well! Maybe robots that perform real-world tasks.

Perhaps there can be categories for Friendliest Buddy Robot, Butler Robot, Disability Assistance Robots, and Educational Robots, etc...


Ok, Awesome
Kick is up a knotch! So totally mix it up and have new kinds of categories. I'm good with that.

so possible real categories , the best of:
-friendliest buddy robot
-Butler robot
- Disability assistance
- Educational assistance
And more....

Everyone weight in. What other categories would be awesome and how can we define the criteria ? Be creative yet realistic.


@DJ Sures. An ez-robot challenge! Example: Event 1. To Serve Man. Object have your robot mix a drink, pour into a glass. Put glass onto a tray. Lift tray and manuver through some obstacles and serve the drink in the quickest time without spilling the drink. Just an example.


More categories :

Remote presence
Pet care (feeder, pan cleaner, playmate, etc)
Lawn/home care (mowers, plows, vacuums, etc)



We could have the contest focus on basic functionality, ez-robot territory, and then contests.

AKA Judging functionality based on:
1.what its built to do it does its job
3.quality of which it does its job

Then, judging ez-robot territory:
1.Navigation-speed, quality,
(what else?)

Then contests:
3.task completion
4.basic question answering


Best budget robot.


LeXI forfeits! hehe


Lol. Well, my cheapest bot was wall-e so far and that hit $300


I think EZ-B would be up to this challenge, what about you! Smile
The winner of this contest gets to save the world!

1. Get in a car , drive it and get out
2. Climb a ladder
3. Open a door
4. open and close valves
5. maneuver an obstacle field
6. remove debris
7. open a hole in a wall with conventional tools
8. connect a hose