Xlrobots.com Xlr-6 18 X Servo Hexapod!


Hmmmm... since they still all load on page load it wont make a difference to the speed at which a page will load... if anything it slows it down a touch more. But it does look better.

Anyway, we digress Smile


@Rich nope it does load quicker. it lets you goto the page you want to go to. before you had to wait for all the images to load before you could use the drop-down to goto another page.


I'm afraid you're mistaken, your Lexi part 1 takes over 34 seconds still as it is still calling for the whole 72.1MB on load. You're also unable to change which page from the drop down immediately.


Ok here's a quick vid of the assembled leg in action.


Looking good... Got message about shipping...

Smile Smile Smile Smile


heres some pics of the XLR-6 on a test body. its a big bot.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Hey XL ..... Random question, but which model makerbot do you have? Is it the replicator 2 or 2x?
Your prints look really nice and I'm struggling with a reprappro mono mendel at the moment .... I am mega tempted to try and get a makerbot and would love your views Winky




@jayceekeys. Makerbot replicator 2. Best 3d printer under $3000.


For things like the servo clips, where you have slight overhangs etc, are you having to use support?

BTW ...... After looking at your new bot I have been working out whether I should buy more servos and do a hex too ! It's looks fab - you should be well happy !




Looks Awesome !

Looks like it could jump/leap with the speed of the servos.

Do you wear that superman shirt underneath your work shirt ?