My R2 D2 Video



When you get the V4 , and do take him apart again , would be great if you could take some snap shots
in side on setup , batteries , and motor wiring setup ( hbridge ?)

also will you be uploading the script to the cloud.




Great job ! Congratz ! Looking forward to see more details/videos.


Yep, I will do a V4 write up and a new video and pictures to boot... To answer another question, I am using a sabertooth 2 x 5 motor controller to drive the motors...


@rryerson- Great video. Great R2-D2. Nice work.


Thanks and I planning many more updates.... I do want to give credit where credit is due... For starters Rich and DJ both have knowingly or unknowingly helped me with getting the grips on using EZ Builder scripts.... Rich, I owe you a Guiness and DJ, I promise to spend more money in the EZ Robot store Grin


Your R2 is looking very good.
You have programmed him well.
I might add an EZ-B to one of my R2 units.
Will you be adding any arms or moving panels to your R2?


@Richard R - We are really excited to see the new write-up and video when using the EZ-B v4 with R2D2 Smile


Lol... thanks guys... currently my 2 V4 boards are being used in other projects... However, I have more V4s on order with you guys so he will eventually be updated when I get my other orders shipped...


Awesome! Be careful about that wheel-y-ing going on there. I was going to do this but I decided $200 for the r2 was too much.


Yep, needs more weight forward....