Hands On With The Ezb V4!


This weekend i will be posting videos of the v4 in action. I plan on putting it into our XLR-6 Large scale Hexapod. I will be demonstrating all the new v4 features and the control via the app. I will try to do my best in answering any questions you guys have about the V4 with posts and video.


I have a question? How did a florist get to be so cool? Winky Sorry it's not the best question but, you have to post to get the emails. Smile


@XL-Robots We're all waiting with "bot" breath! Smile @ Anthony I know half a dozen florists and they all have a lot of creativity and Passion!


@ Antron007 I was born into the florist trade. My heritage is Greek and my family have been florists for over 4 generations going back to 1914! I wasnt always a fan of the business. I was more into graphic arts and computers from grade school up to trade schools. Always fascinated with the special effects of scifi films and cgi i wanted to persue that field but back in the late 80's there wasnt many courses available so i stayed in the floral business but continued my passion on the side lines. I ended up incorporating my artistic talents into the floral business to make it more interesting and fresh. i am currently the number one 3d floral designer in the tri state area. I have created 3d floral pieces for such events like Christopher Reeves Memorial. A 7' 3d Superman flying of Chris himself. I also did the ONLY floral memorial for the late Michael Jackson at the NY Apollo Theater memorial. So i used my 3d and cg skills to make the floral job more pleasing. So now that I found DJ's site and found out that i can make all my ideas become reality thru my 3d printer and the amazing ezb and software my visual genius has been released and is growing larger by the minute! Im glad to share my experiences with the forum and help anyway i can.


I'm not knocking the florist trade. I was just using that to start the conversation and sub to the thread. I know a bit about plants and flowers myself. I've had a a lot of different types of jobs and, I enjoy learning new things so I like to think I have a very broad skill set. Unfortunately, that leaves less time for specialization. I've known a few florists and they also were very artistic. (2 of 3 were painters.)

@XL- I have to say you are quite gifted. I can't wait to see your updates. Thanks for sharing the background info with us. Oh, speaking of Jack-o and the 80's, my GF and I just got tickets to the Circ du Soleil MJ Extravaganza or what ever its called when it swings through my town. I watched the trailer and there lots of zombies, stripper poles and robots. Fun for the whole family. I can't wait. LOL


As promised. The first in a series of v4 use videos.

Video: The first power up.


You may want to continue playing, the V4 has both Wifi Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure conductivity which basically means the whole part about losing internet connectivity is wrong Winky


Thanks for the video, and hands on demo.

Smile Smile Smile Smile


Rich is correct, you can connect the EZ-B v4 to your local network. That can be done by connecting to the EZ-B v4 over wifi and pressing the round silver icon on the connection control. That will open a web browser connected to the EZ-B v4, where you can change its settings.


Awesome video. Keep 'em coming. I've been reading about Revolution since it's introduction and I'm still impressed at how they've gotten so much functionality in that hardware and they are still only selling it for around $100 USD. Amazing. I've done some arduino dabbling and, I enjoy arduino but, I'm guessing it would cost me between $150-$250 to put all of that action together with an arduino. Then I'd probably spend weeks programming it. I just want to thank @XL again for posting this and future videos and, @EZ-Robot for making such an awesome board at such a great price.