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Advice Needed - Burnt Up My Ezb

Assistance Requested

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Hi Gang,

Well, I finally killed my EZB by not being careful and getting in a hurry. Ya think I'd know better by now. I was moving a wire in my robot that is supplied with 24vDC while it was energized and drug it across the Digital ports of EZB while it was energized. The Blue light locked on and I removed power right away. Next time I turned EZB board on I got no blue light, the red Bluetooth light does blink but the main large chip and the regulator next to the blue light gets very hot.

I know I burnt something up on the board that needs to be replaced. I've read that when EZB's supply power is reversed the Regulator needs to be replaces. That post says the two 5 volt regulators on the EZ-B V3 board that are mounted to the two heat sinks are:

1) LM1084 IT 5.0 ( VR1 )
2) MIC29300 5.0 WT ( VR2 )

Is there a schismatic posted somewhere of the circuitry of the EZB V3 so I can see what else I may have fried when blowing 24v backwards through the digital ports?

I'm very open to advice as what I may have burnt up or need to change out. Hope I didn't burn up the main chip. *tired*

Dave Schulpius

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Arrrrrrgh !I am very sorry to hear that! That really sucks! on the upside your V4 will be coming soon..I am thinking 4 weeks! Smile I have a pinout of the chip but that is all Frown I am waiting for DJ to get back and give me some advice on my board where the I2C port is failing and may need a replacement chip...speaking of which perhaps that's all you need! Anyways heres a pdf of the pinouts and descriptionsPIC18F4685EZROBOTCHIP.pdf. Underneath the Bluetooth is the chi ID. I hope this helps. I think you have two so that means only working on one portion now Frown


Thanks Glen for the pin out on the chip. I hope there's a schismatic of the board it's self. If not I'll just have to follow the traces.

I'll contact EZ Robot and ask to buy a new chip and order a few regulators from Mouser. Your right, I hope to get my V4's in in a few weeks but I'd like to get this one back running again. I do have two other working boards but their in use in other parts of B9.


You might try pulling that PIC chip out and then re-install it. Sometimes that clears some of the ports. You may have to use another of your boards and do a stare and compare with a multimeter to possibly uncover a failed component. I have not seen any published .pdf schematics for the EZ-B(V3).


@ dschulpius - Ez robot is out of Pic chips bud , sorry Frown they are at New York Toy fair and probably away from a pc at the time to get to the websites emails. So instead of waiting I wanted to let you know. You may want to order a v4 or two before the end of the month and get in on the pre order Price so you can get one shipped out next month. I zapped one with static once and blew a tracing on D19 I needed to control a roomba lol. User error , it happens.


Thanks Guys for the advice and jstarne1 letting me know EZ Robot is out of stock on the chip. I hope I can get a new chip if I blew up this one. I'd hate to have a pile of junk here.

I do have four v4's on pre order already and hope they ship soon.


By the way what robo doc said , sometimes removing the chip and re inserting it will reset the pic. The caps hold a tiny amount of power that keeps the chip partially powered so you need to unplug the pic and reinsert to reset it. Who knows maybe you tripped a micro fuse and it might still have some life left in it. Also check the voltage regs to make sure they are working properly.


Thnaks! You guys rock. Smile


@Josh I remember reading a forum post a short while back from DJ that they have 500 chips V3 in stock! I could check back....


Your right that is what I saw too but I checked with Alan last week to buy a replacement board and use my existing chip and they were out as of then. Perhaps they may get more in the future at some point, that I don't know.