Ez-robot Revolution Shipping Update


Well, many of you have been wondering when we will be shipping EZ-Robot Revolution? It has been a very fun time designing the Revolution robots over the past year. I'm very excited to see what amazing inventions you will create with EZ-Bits and the EZ-B v4. There have been a few changes to the robots recently, and the EZ-Bits STL's will be published online in the EZ-Cloud shortly. The Store will also reflect the changes to the parts - as you know, our EZ-Robot Team has been 110% full throttle for many months.... So please be patient with us Smile

Preparing parts for manufacturing has been a very interesting and educational experience. Finding manufacturing companies, logistics companies, quality control companies, etc... Negotiating pricing. Trying to find North American manufacturers - learning to negotiate with overseas manufacturing. The list goes on, and on, and on. Are we an expert yet? In my books, you're an expert when you accept that you're not an expert.

Whoa, that was deep! Enough about philosophy, onto the good news... Watch the video for the update Smile Oh, and dancing robots!


Thanks for the nice update.
Its really awesome to get those updates on the developmentprocess with a video.

I really like the new clip on the front.
How about some for the shoulders as well?^^
I still dream about a more johnny5ish JD Smile

Is there a technical reason why the camera has been moved to the top of the head?
From the looks alone I personally preferred the old "Haircut" with the camera on his forehead as 3rd eye.
I hoped that the camera would be moved into JDs left eyesocket.
I wish JD would be available with different heads.

00:55 Shipping of preorders starts in march Smile


I did not hear a date but I did hear the Month of March! Hooray! 4 to 5 more weeks is now doable! Great update video DJ! Smile


Found it at 00:55. I didnt hear it when I watched the video the first time, because my lil son came right at that time of the video into the room, because he had forgotten to give his robot a good night kiss ^^


Well hopefully everything goes smoothly from here on out. I am really excited to get my robot up and running and I have another robot project in mind :-} Well I am really hoping March is the month :-} Talking about things and showing a few videos is ok, but I am ready for the equipment in my hands.


I'm so excited! It's now a race between my Solidoodle and Roli. Who will cross the finish line first? We'll have to see. @DJ Will you be updating the ez-bit and stl libraries soon? I really like playing with those. Smile


I agree .... If the STL files could be updated ASAP that would be awesome. I'm I'm the process of printing JD and just saw that his head, body and feet tops are changed - also I've never seen the files for the gripper. My printer isn't the bulletproof Replicator 2 so takes a lot of tweaking and attempts to print each part so I want to get cracking as soon as LOL.

Awesome news about shipping in March! Just need to get the eyes in the shop so I can add them to my order !




I hope the old versions of the files also stay available.


Stibaer... You can always go into EZ builder and download the STL files now so you have both versions. I saved them to my PC last week so I could run them through NetFab (Slicr said there were some minor holes in a couple of the STL files so they I ran them through NetFab to be sure of a good print).




I heard that shipping is "a month and a half away" and "March". My internal computer translated that into "end of March".