Power Wheels Gets A Dose Of Awesome Ezb, Makeover , Motor Mods , Camera , Real


Wow, nice lines & lights. Smile

Did you do that all in one day or just post all the posts in one day? You're a busy guy.


That was two evenings , there's lots of drying time involved which makes things go slower. The electrical takes a couple hours to solder up all the wires and install new batteries , I'm working on it more today.


Today the rubber coated parts have hardened and look good. Now I'm priming the plastic parts so i can see major imperfections easier. I will sand them and then move to paint.

I pulled the frame outside and washed it with hot water and dish soap. Then drilled a few holes in the floor so it's easier for any water to drain out.
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Here's the finished parts with rubber coating.
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Looking good! I think this could be an awesome project. What about a robotic driver too?

Adult Power Wheels Racing

First robotic contestant?^^



Plastidip option looks simple. Smile

I am considering different options but I think stealth looks really cool too.


@Technopro , lol I have no intention of riding this thing lol. The sport of adults riding them looks like I need to sign a waiver, get a tetanus booster shot and buy some life insurance lol. I will enjoy it at a.safe distance through a PC or android device lol.

Taped off and rubber coated the reason bumper and part of the tailgate that looks like it rubs against something. I want to cost the areas most likely to get scuffed with this hardy thick rubber.
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Holes are drilled for the 850nm IR Leds. I believe this is 48 leds scattered.


I found plastidip in spray can format and tried it on the grill.
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User-inserted image

Here is the grill , predrilled with 48 holes for 850nm leds. The grill will be like a giant illuminator.

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A 3 inch lip all the way around the vehicle was coated in the hard rubber sealant , the grey primered area will be plastidip coated just like the grill. Very stealthy looking I like it.


awesome color. Grin
i wouldn use paper do.it absorbs paint and can leave marks behind it.


Thanks bud

The rubber spray is so thick the paper doesn't absorb it at all. It should be a descent. I don't believe the project will have any runs. If it does I will touch it up once the whole project is together and ready to use.

The garage was "hazy" with a aerosol in the air so pics are blurry. I will take better pics tommorow weather permitting when i assemble the car back together.

I will probably use a saber tooth or generic motor controller I already have. I will use a servo gearbox I believe for steering and ofcourse ezb. I am considering wiring it for 24 volts to make the car reasonably gast since it lacks 60 is pounds of a child riding in it. That's about a 40 percent weight reduction.