Power Wheels Gets A Dose Of Awesome Ezb, Makeover , Motor Mods , Camera , Real


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You should look into a sweet custom safari rack for the top of it! Just to hold all your gear! This way you would have the whole surface area of the top to place gear on instead of having to mount around your gen. This is also a similar idea that the military has been playing with for years now but to build something affordable for the public that really anyone with some basic knowledge of electronics, robotics, and handyman skills can do is an awesome idea! I moded my sons power wheels for 24v but this looks like a project that may be interesting to start as he gets older to teach him some basic knowledge! Great job man!


I am interested in building something like this for a communication robotics lab project at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo Mi. I understand everything you did but I am not sure how you hooked up the speed controller and servos to the EZ-B. Can you explain or post a pict?