Ez Robot Is Now Listed In Robotshop.ca!


Roli, Six, EZB4 and the developer's kit have just been added to RobotShp.ca... And the best news is new stock delivery date is listed as Feb 18th 2014... (hover your mouse over New Stock Soon icon)... Wonder if that means we're finally getting close to shipping?...

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Oh cool, I used to buy from them before I switched to trossen Grin

Honestly, this is kind of cool that EZ-robot is getting distributers.


Interesting! also on usa site, but this is an approximate date only.

Smile Smile Smile Smile


It's a very good thing


Yes this is a very good thing indeed. I have bought things from the Robotshop, very pleased with the service and well it was also before I discovered EZ Robot. Hopefully we will start receiving V4 kits and other items soon :-} So how is everyone surviving this winter, it has been a real winter this year in Indiana.


It has even snowed 3 times here in Louisiana !

BTW, the Chinese holidays are over on Monday 2/10/2014.


I cannot complain about winter, I have been making big gains on my robot ROAMIN, once I get the V4 Kit and other parts I have on order and get things hooked up and running, then I will prime, paint and clear coat when the temperatures get warmer.


good that ez gets distributors.for me is the chipping to high.
what i dont understand why some robot are so prized ,i see some off them cost 33.000 euro *eek*


Notice it says estimated arrival, and mine shows 19th February not 18th, at least it does on six.

Also notice the higher price tag, I assume this will be the normal price once the pre-order discount comes to an end, so get your orders in quickly to get the lower price Smile


Assuming us little blokes with pre orders will be taken care of before the big fish (retail outlets) get stock? Me does hope so...