Wall-e From Czech Republic


hey @donesvarc I'm originally from Prague! we should grab a pivo when I go visit my family :-)


I always did like the movable feet on Wall-E projects.


To Jake Stika: Hello Jake, Pivo is fine. I can invite you. Let me know. Wall-e is fine and I plane another piece for my daughter because technological proces is known :-).


Hey great job, that actually gave me a few ideas. I am just started working on this project. Disassembled the robot and set up the software, I am now waiting for parts. Let me know if you have any specific tips.


To: sgavit11... I will add two IR sensors within the better recognition of terrain in front of the robot.


I was curious how you did the voice. So I want him to say my name in the Wall-E tone that he says his name or something. I can type a set of replies in the program and he will say those words in his voice. Does anyone have a suggestion for this?


@sgavit11 He's using Wall-e sounds that you can find doing an internet search... Most people who have done the wall-e project just collect Wall-e sounds (wave or mp3) and use them with ez builder's sound board control....



here are sounds off wall E and some others to.


to download from ez cloud.choose the one calt soundboard.


I already collected all the wall e sounds available on the internet. But I wanted wall-E's actual voice for any sentence that I might want him to say.


Hmmm, didn't know wall-e had an actual voice. I thought his entire vocabulary was all just sound affects created for the movie... However, If you do find a computer voice of Wall-e like Microsoft David or Anna please let us know... That would be very interesting....