Nao Next Gen : The New Robot Of Aldebaran Robotics


wow! Watch it now...

Smile Smile Smile Smile


As awesome as Nao is, it takes the fun out of making a robot.

That said, if anyone wants to send me one to play with I wouldn't complain!


Very cool for sure ...That's the goal of a lot of DIY robot builders here on the Forum! With EZ -B V4 we're close! its the mechanical engineering that's tuffSmile


Yep. Well, not tough provided you have the money and tools available to build something like this. Maybe one day (if I can stop spending all my money on fast cars).

I'd love to get something like Nao without the brain and see just how comparable it is to the EZ-B, I guess I need to start saving for a JD Grin


I hoping to get something better than nao out of my robot. It's been sitting here doing nothing but collecting dust for a while, but once I get everything ready, I may not come out of my house for a few days messing with him. Grin


my jd chest and feet lies on the drawing board.soon to be printed. Grin Grin Grin Grin
nao blue one.


Well as an owner of a Nao I figured i would chime in. I have only had him for a few days now but he is pretty impressive.
I wish there was a little more online about programming him but I am figuring it out.
So far I have been able to get him to recognize my face and say my name when he does along with other things. I haven't started programming specific moves yet but will get to it.
My wife things he is pretty cool for sure. Naos life is a program where he does automous programs and reactions. It certainly makes him "alive".
Here is a picture of him before the Super Bowl the other day. He wasn't too happy when our team lost.

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@ings175 ....well thanks for chiming in! Try and keep the Forum updated with programing progress and autonomous Activities..I know I would be interested Smile


Yeah...very interested in his the hands work...maybe some pics or videos? Porfavor,....


congrats so cool. Grin Grin