Will This Work With Ez-b V3?


will this oled display work with the ezb v3 and v4?

oled display


If it is serial or I2C and only requires an Rx (if V3, V4 can do both) then yes. You will need a decent datasheet (with more than just Arduino code) if you want to be able to get it to do something though. I only had a quick look but you may need to reverse engineer the Arduino library in order to be able to use it with EZ-Builder.


according to their description... "The uLCD-32WPTU-AR has a comprehensive range of serial commands ready to be received from the Arduino, to draw primitives such as lines, rectangles, circles and text, displaying images, playing sound and logging data to uSD card.

Utilises the Arduino's UART Serial Port and a single Digital pin."

Of course the EZ-B has serial capability and a digital pin! Smile With some scripting I would say !yes!


Cool would like to get 2 for eyes for a customers robot request. How hard will it be to have a certain video file run for each command?


Do they run video? From what I saw they can draw primitives (squares, circles etc), display images (not sure how, I assume there must be a command to retrieve and display the image from the SD card) and play sounds.

Going by what's available in the datatsheet, it would be difficult to have EZ-Builder run video through these, if it's even possible at all. It may be easier to run these with Arduino and then use I2C or Serial to speak with the Arduino and trigger the events. Otherwise you will need to reverse engineer the Arduino library (as no real serial commands are in any "datasheet" I just read)


I did a quick search on YT and found that the LCD type screen can display video but the type you are looking at is OLED Smile ....and I agree with Rich , to run it thru an arduino controlled by the EZ-B.
apon further digging, as I am interested in a low cost display I found this... If this ( uTOLED-20-G2 ) is the OLED your looking at, it can display short video clips . " .Display full colour images, animations, icons and video clips."
Hope this helps! Smile


@irobot58 it runs the animations and clips from the attached SD card, which should make it easier to get working, it's just really a case of searching for the correct serial data to send to the device to play a selected animation/video clip.

You mentioned it's low cost, I didn't have chance to look properly but how much are those ones? I may get one to play with if they aren't too expensive as I can see them being a useful addition.


@Rich "correct serial data" ..exactly! Scratch the "low cost" comment! that G2 is crazy expensive (179$) The cheapest oled at this site is 30$ US and only 1.5 inches! (tiny)


@Kenny Storm has put these on his humanoid in the below thread, used as eyes and they look awesome.