Microsoft Tts Voice Other Than Anna?


Hey guys, anyone know where (if any place) to download other text to speech voices for Windows? Windows default voice (Anna) doesn't really make it as a robot voice to me... Grin


you can find voices on cepstral.excample david us old robot


Thanks, but I was hoping for a free one... Cepstral wants $45 for some of their better voices....


this voice comes from NUANCE dont know if its a free version.


Windows 8.1 on my new ASUS laptop allows me to choose female or male standard windows voices, although not very robotic sounding. My old Vista only had Anna.
D.J. said EZB4 would have a time delay voice feature to give a more robotic sound.
Steve S


I bought this one quite a while ago. It works well, but it was expensive. It looks like they have a free version. I did not look to closely at what it offers, but it might be worh checking out.

This page might be worth looking at as well.


I'll have a look.... thanks guys...


I've dug into this a bit a few months ago. Anna is the only Windows Voice for Win 7 at least. I've tried other free and demo versions. The only thing I've ever gotten to work was cepstral. Please let me know if you find anything super cheap or free Winky


the free versions mostly you hear first ,this licence is not purched and then your line.


Yeah, I noticed that but cepstral was the only one I ever got to really work right. (Annoying license nagging aside.) I'm also talking the US Eng version, I notice you are in Belgium. I do recall a few languages having a few voice options, like male or female but, not for the US Eng version Frown I remember briefly being very upset about it. Smile