God Bless The Ez-builder Software!


Hello guys and gals. I just received a email from a viewer who saw my ez-robot promo video. it had its good and bad comments and a link to a video of a arduino graphic user interface which the guy says is as good if not better than the ezbuilder program. i watched it and then open ez builder and kissed the screen. what a piece of crap. this software does nothing more than frustrate the user and make one turn away from going any further. complicated to use and as powerful as a Casio 1978 calculator( sarcasm ). graphical interface? stick figures compaired to ezbuilders Monet's. Just wanted to express my feelings about our phenomenal ez builder software.

heres the video


You're (well they're) comparing apples to oranges. EZ-Builder and Minibloq are two different tools.

Not to mention that in 2 years since that video was made minibloq is still in beta...


still need to know how to program. Yes, Ez-Robot is the way to go.

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Not in the same league as EZ-Builder.... However, other than being seriously simplistic (flashing led? seriously?), it actually would be very simple to learn... It definitely looks like needs way more features... motors, sound, sensors, servos, serial, input/output etc.... Not bad for simple arduino stuff... I use EasyC for my vex stuff and actually like it... I am sure I will opt EZ Builder more once I get my EZb4 stuff... I have a few projects that will require the power of EZB , but for basic stuff, arduino and vex suits me fine.....


Honestly, learning how to use Minibloq looks harder than learning to program an arduino anyway. I use an Arduino and it didn't take me that long to learn how to read from a DHT11 sensor and send the temperature and humidity to an LCD display (eventually it will send over RF or WiFi for logging).


That's a neat idea for programming. it's too bad he is upset about EZ-Robot. It would be nice if he understood we are all working toward the same goal Smile Thanks for sharing the video!


hey AA, ive been following your youtube post (great robot you got there.)
ive also been following the comments.

I think the bad comments are because you kind of come off as the new kid on the block talking to most mess.

just my 2 cents.


@hoolagen1 not new to the block. i had 2 omni 2000's in my basement. back in 2007 i wanted to bring my omni's to life using arduino. a friend got me one. i was all sighed to get my omni's to work like a real bot. i tried to do simple task's and it was failure after failure. i gave it 3 months only to be let down again and again. it was hard especially when i am not interested in coding, just building and design. when i caught DJ's videos i was inspired again. it looked so ez but i was Leary to get too excited. when i went to ez-robot.com and d/l the software and played around abit. it was the ease of use and the power of the software that made me order my first ezb set. i speak from experience. i have been making props,gadgets and such since 1990! I had a comic book shop on west 57th st. in NYC. I was popular because of my unique custom toys. robots were my main sellers. i would use r/c 4x4's, disect them to move custom designed artoo looking bots. granted they had no ai, just r/c controlled movements and lights and voice. the voice was rigged from those talking hallmark cards. i took out the gizmo, recorded the sayings and connected a switch r/c unit to activate the speech. it was very ghetto but worked. i motorized horizon brand models such as the t800 endo-skeleton, the arnold t800 with led's in the eyes and a voice chip with the "i'll be back" for that time it was a tech marvel, today i would be laughed at. so ive been around and tried many a plan to do a 100th of the things the EZ-Builder does. and had no real success. so when i said the comments about arduino, they were from experience.


Don't have time right now to read the whoke thing...but not that your new. The ezb is new to the block.