Get Started With Ez-robot Revolution


Watch "Get Started with EZ-Robot Revolution" under learning area.

Great intro video on v4.

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@DJ Sures Great Video! Saw the Rubber Duck i Sent you, Looks cool in the backround.


Oh so that Video is new. I watched it last night on a whim. (I was prepared to watch the old one that was there.) I hadn't clicked that space in a while so I wasn't sure how old it was. I figured it was a week or two old. I've heard we're supposed to be getting some videos soon but hadn't seen a post about any of them yet.

It was a great video. Nothing like waving the candy in front of the kiddies. I did notice the duck as well. LOL.


Anyone notice how JD's head changes halfway through? It goes from the v3 camera with the lens to the v4 camera. Grin


Will you be able to download the program or script on to the Ez-B 4, and just let the robot do its things, with out having the board connected to the computer the whole time?


@bautista greetings! I believe the answer to your question is no. The EZ B's have no useable on board memory. They are linked to the PC via Bluetooth(V3) or wireless(V4 soon to ship). I like to think of the EZB as the "nervous" system in a human and the brain as your PC(powerful and tons of memory) ..DJ's amazing programming as " a PHD in learned robotics" ....all working together to direct your servos(muscles) and other add ons!


iRobot is right Smile But, don't forget that you can also use your Android or iOS phone/tablet instead of the pc Smile


@DJ Sooooo, Would that Android version be on the Play Store yet? *nudge. nudge* Grin


I see, thanks irobot, I thought that DJ might of secretly put a chip for memory since the Ez-B 4 is composed of two boards, and probably make the robot fully autonomous, but anyways I can't wait for JD to arrive, it's gonna be great with the new app developer Grin