Ez V4 Camera


Do I have to use the camera sold with version 4 ez board or can I use a different usb wifi camera?


The only wired camera that works with the EZ-B is the EZ-B v4 camera. But if the camera has a USB dongle / bluetooth, then it should show up in the camera list (if memory serves correct)

EDIT: When I mean wired camera, I mean one that hooks onto the EZ-B.


You do not have to use the v4 camera. If the camera is wireless(Bluetooth, wifi) and works with windows then it should work in EZ-Builder. If you have a robot large enough to put a laptop/netbook in you could use a wired camera.


Is there any reason you don't want to use the included EZB4 camera? It's a unified system, which should make it work way better... Besides, anything has to work better than the old Bluetooth camera I have been using from EZB3... The video lags behind so much, it is all but useless in driving a remote robot... Maybe a higher class Bluetooth module might help, but ultimately I hope the wifi, unified version in EZB4 will seriously reduce or eliminate video lag...


Yep, you are all correct, any camera detected by the copy of Windows running EZ-Builder can be used regardless of if it's wireless, wired, V4 camera, Capture card running an old Hi8 camcorder... whatever, if windows detects it and can see the image then it can be used. You can also use IP cameras or any source which provides a jpeg stream such as Foscam IP cameras, just point it to the correct URL for the image stream.

That said, if you plan to run the V4 from an android or ios device then you will be limited to what cameras are available. In this case I wouldn't be surprised if it was limited to the V4 only.


I haven't decided if I am getting the v4 camera yet. I want to integrate it into my robots head but not sure if it will fit. That is my only hold out. Ordering my brain today Smile


@Ings175... You better have a good quality camera (with a fast transfer rate) in mind, because I am seriously disappointed with the video frame rate on the Bluetooth one that comes with EZB3... I am sticking with the WiFi version designed for EZB4... I am praying that the higher speeds of wifi will performs way better than EZb3 Bluetooth camera...


In the wire length test video DJ made, he leans in and the camera feed almost looks like a mirror. I'm positive that it's extremely fast. Grin


I hope you're right dude. That's what I am hoping for... I need high frame rate for my remote robot project...


I just want it to simply be able to see my face and objects. I almost for sure am going to have to modify the robots head/neck though. I am pretty sure my eco only can move its head left and right. Will have to look into how to make it go up and down as well.
Anyone have an idea what the camera looks like without the case? After studying my robots head online there is very very very little room in there.