Ez-robot Revolution Video


Nice work DJ, this will help a lot who have any concerns about the EZ-Robot Phenomenon. I believe in the wait and anticipation of something is more gratifying than the actual item itself. Once you have it the want dissipates. I use this philosophy with my kids around Xmas and birthdays. In respect to EZ-Robot, the wait and arrival are the same....EXTREMELY GRATIFYING! There is NO other robot controller out there that can compare to the Power and versatility of The EZB!


Great Video @aameralis.

DJ Sures is the man behind EZ-Robot Inc, and I just feel him read this over my shoulder.

We all can wait, and wait. Until V4 starts the Revolution in personal robots. Quality is the name of the game.

In the mean time push V3 units to the max. That is what I am doing. I even got my 29 year old son to laugh at my mini-zip hexapod. And now he understands why I am having fun in my retirement years. I want to see it do push ups, so I did that for him.

Smile Smile Smile Smile


You might add Tony, that you are a customer just like us and you do not work for EZ-robot.


tony is right. the ezb blows the competition away. i researched robotics control boards for months and ezb v3 had all of the stuff all of the other boards need you to add at extra costs. Besides that, the ezb / ezbuilder control model simply puts others to shame.haveing that constant control via the PC is way ahead of the game. ive even bought an audrino uno to mess with and while its a nice little board and ive had fun with it, compared to the ez-robot platform it's kinda junk. i repeat, compared to the ez-platform. learning about audrion is how i got into this stuff. im just glad i bought my ezb first Winky


Arduino has it's place. I'm going to be bold enough to say Arduino is a great board. But, when it comes to controlling robots, autonomously or with features such as camera tracking etc. then the EZ-B is head and shoulders above the rest.

I come here with no prior experience, hadn't touched an Arduino and within 3 months at the most I was confident in my ability with the EZ-B and EZ-Builder, in 6 months I'd become considered one of the "go to guys" in the community... 6 months! I've had an Arduino for longer than 6 months, I still have very little knowledge as to how I can make it do simple tasks let alone multitask.

So yes, in comparison, EZ-B is by far better than Arduino. But Arduino does have it's place. My automatic blinds and remote temperature logging sensors couldn't be done with an EZ-B without the cost sky rocketing.


I used my uno to control some LEDs I used for my Jack-o-lantern this Halloween. I didn't want to have my PC on just to blink some lights. Also I didn't want my EZB out in the elements. BTW the uno is fine after being outside for about 2 weeks. I know it got wet a couple times but not while running so I'm happy.