Mini-zip V3 Upgrade.


@jdebay... what? Hmmmm the V4 powers Six and JD no problem with 12 heavy duty servos....The V4 has nothing to do with the power that passes through it.... Whatever you have that can't handle the amp draw (battery or power supply) it's nothing to do with the EZB4... In fact the V4 has no on board regulator so whatever power you feed it comes out the power pins... If you are trying to power your bot with alkaline batteries then that would be the source of your power problems... Alkalines cannot not provide enough current for your servos.... you need a niMh or Lipo battery....

BY the way, the main fuse of the EZB4 is rated at 20amps (this is probably indirectly to protect the board's tracers)... That means you can pull over 20amps through the EZB4 before you blow the main fuse... It would take a lot of servo power draw before the main fuse would blow...


@Richard R
v4 can not handle 3 amps (Vcc Continuous Current Draw - 1 A ) taken from v4 datasheet.

also tried with lipo that was 7.4volts, old mini servos have max of 6.0 volts.



Dude... it works for me and DJ's JD/Six.... how do you explain that? Have you not seen the videos of JD and Six happily working with the V4? Those servos pull way more power than your mini servos do... To boot, I have a 12servo hexapod with power hungry Hitec hs-645 servos with no power issues.... lots of power needed and no issues with my v4.... You're are doing something wrong for sure and you are misinterpreting the V4 data sheet....

Those cheap mini 6v servos can't handle 7.4v.... they won't position well and chatter like crazy...


@Richard R
It really doesn't matter... the v4 is working with food-botv4 with no problems. The v3 can stay with mini-zip.

I have a six, jd, and roli ordered 9/18/13, shipping soon.

Thanks for help.


.... and when you get your six and JD, you'll see what I am talking about.....


@Richard R

I am not saying the v4 can not handle the number of servos...

I am saying can not give 3amps of Vcc Continuous Current Draw per each vcc.



Dude, no offence intended but it looks like electronics may not be your thing.... For one thing, you are using the term Vcc in the wrong context... You mean per pin... Your mini servos won't pull 3amps unless they are locked and even then... JD and six have 12 heavy duty servos that pull way more power than your mini six and yet the ezb has no trouble with either of those bots ....

Remember the V4 has no on board regulator and a 20amp fuse for the 24 ports... In contrast the ezb3 has a 5amp fuse and a 5v , 5amp onboard regulator ( I believe)... That means the EZB4 can handle 4 times the power over the EZB3 before the fuse will blow... EZB3 = 5A vs EZB4 = 20A..... It's not rocket science to understand the V4 outperforms the v3 in every way, especially in the power department...

You do realize the whole point of theses power changes in the new V4 was to better support greater servo requirements....

Maybe you need to tell DJ that his new masterpiece isn't as powerful as the V3, then?


... further the "3amp of Vcc" you are referring to is the 3.3v switching power supply for the analog ports... The digital port's power pins as I mentioned are straight through so they don't have a power restriction (no onboard regulator)... The only power restriction would be how much the boards tracers can handle....


@Richard R,

i tried it... it did not work. it works fine with v3. The mini-zip was purchased because six was not shipping. Also, it got me into 3d printing.

dagu recommend their spider controller, which died...

Richard enough said on this subject.



Well dude, what can I say?... You gotta' be doing something wrong because unless the V4 is defective it's not the V4.... My much larger Hex works just fine with the v4 and everyone one else using the V4 don't seem to have the issues you're having... You will see once you get your Six and JD....