Mini-zip V3 Upgrade.


new cloths for mz.

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Having fun!



Your mini six looks great.
Is that the standard mini six kit from Anthony XL robots ($79), or was the EZB3 cam case extra order?
What are the inside body dimensions and overall outside leg to leg?
Do you utilize a cam tilt only and let the robot turn for the pan?
Anything else you might say is welcomed.
Thank you,
Steve S


Nope all inclusive $79.!


@Steve S inside 4 1/2 inches, laying flat outside leg to leg 12 inches. But also check with

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jdebay ,
Thank you for responding.
Your mini-zip was interesting running EZB3 even before upgrade.
I was hoping to purchase something inexpensive and similar for a grandson.
Steve S


tried to upgrade him to v4 controller, NO go, it needs 3amps for the servos to work.

Old mini servos...

But added the following v3 ping...

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If I understand you right, you are saying you could not get ezb4upgraded on your mini six because of power draw?
I have noticed that my mini six is a battery hog. 12 servos working at once.
Maybe EZ robot Six demands less amp draw with new servos?
This is interesting, because I also thought of upgrading my mini 6 with one of my new controllers when I receive them.


@Steve S

v4 can not handle 3 amps (Vcc Continuous Current Draw - 1 A ) taken from v4 datasheet.

i tried. Original controller not ezb, was rated for 3amps too.



Thank you J,
I appreciate your feedback with your mini six attempt to upgrade to EZB4.
I guess I am wondering what I need to do to utilize EZB4 on my mini 6?
Do I need to incorporate some power distribution system?
Maybe someone can chime in and help us?
Thank you