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Running 2 Servos Off One Port

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I bought the AutoTalk Controller E2 for LeXI's mouthsync animations. the board only controls 1 servo. my setup has 2 servos working opposite each other to move the jaw up and down. how can I setup a connection to use both servos on the one port?

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Hi aameralis,

I've done it with my bubble lifter support blocks and it works great. You just need to make sure you don't overload the power supply pins of the digital port if your powering them from there. Just splice together two servo extension cords like this and plug it into a port:

User-inserted image

When you send a signal from EZ Builder both will move exactly the same. I start showing them about 2 minutes in:


Just Parallel the connections so both servos reference the same signal from the same port.


I just use a "Y"servo cable... Very simple...



I'm hoping this works with the auto talk board. I'm going to use a ext power source of 6v. So I will only need to connect the logic wires to the board.


Wow that is kinda pricey. There wasn't a cheaper way?


@Troy, I agree it does seem pricey but when your building something unique and special like aameralis is doing the cost may be worth it. I've found that sometimes I need to spend a little more to get just that look, feel or sound I was going for or I wont be happy. I hate it when I look at something I've done and know with just a little more effort or money it could have been just what I was going for.

@aameralis, Looking at the specs that Auto Talk Controller requires between 9-12 vdc. Not sure how well it will run with only supplying 6 vcd. You may want to install a boost regulator in there.

Also, I'm really not worried about credit or kudos but I see you gave Josh credit for solving your problem. He and the others just mirrored my first post with less info. Maybe his was just more understandable. Winky

Anyway, I'm glad you found your solution. Smile


@dschulpius, I myself have go the pre-made way vice building from scratch. I see that it can be a better option to direct the process outside the EZ-B to free up an output port and not bother with more scripts.

@aameralis, you may get even better look with faster servo speed servos for the jaw action.