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Sound Servos For Animating A Mouth While Robot Speaks.

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I've add a drop jaw mouth piece to lexi. my son said it looked weird to hear her talk with no mouth. so as you see in the video below I have a achieved a mouth mouth. now im trying to use the soundservo to move the mouth when she talks. but it uses the mic and picks up everything. how can I change it to work with the audio out?

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yes let her glow when che speaks. i miss that on most can hear them talk but dont see it.
it makes my doubt and i ask myself ,does the voice come from the robot.


I don't think you can.

If I remember correctly it uses Windows sound/Volume mixer. If it is possible then it'll be in Windows Sound Mixer, if anywhere.

I know it was mentioned a while back in another topic and one other method was to take a ground and signal from a speaker and feed it in to an ADC port. Provided the speaker voltage is below 5v, monitor the ADC and have a script written to move the servo depending on the ADC port.


i solder a led to the speakers.when che speak the led will also flikker



I think this is what you are looking for the Auto Talk controller

Here is a video



thanks tony, im ordering it now.



Pretty cool board...did you look at the PDF? You can also use a mic board so you can talk and make the robot's jaw move with your voice...I bet connecting a multi-effects processor and a wireless mic could make for some awesome effects...


@doombot will add to her party mc'ing performance. great find by tony.



Yes the possibilities are endless. This function was an update on the V4 right?

I was thinking more like the robot "reading" me a book (on cd). I imagine "50 Shades Of Grey" would be hilarious. Great find indeed.


The v4 has the functionality of both animating servos from audio and playing speech from recordings.

The v4 does not take the audio from a mic - it uses the sound files that are being streamed, including live mic recordings.