As Promised Roli-duck!


Here is the Roli-Duck bot. Josh sketched it out and I ran with it. here is the finished desgn ready for print.

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Couldn't you reverse the pan/tilt so the pan is on the bottom meaning it can be positioned inside the body giving a much shorter neck? Or, leave them in the order they are but position the pan bracket inside the head?


I was mimicking the roil neck.


Lol , I think the neck might have went to far but the rest of it is awesomeness. I think in this case a simple pan left and right would do just fine.


Very nice. I need a 3d printer.


Lol , I know right! ? But it's 80 percent skill and 20 percent the machine printing it. The Jordan sneakers don't make you play basketball better Smile either a vacuum forming machine or 3d printer is my next big purchase , it will sure make it easier for me and Anthony to work together on a project. We wouldn't have to mail each other stuff then.


I think that micro continuous servos will work great for moving the Roli Ducki around. I imagine all 4 legs would be identical. It would be 4 wheel drive. 4 micro servos in the tracks and then 1 in the neck for pan back and forth.


Come to think of it. There's no reason why Roli duck cannot have arms. All it would need is one servo blank for the shoulder and one for the claw

by January we are going to end up having a Ducki SIX , Roli , JD and Ducki quad copter lol


Why use micro continuous servos when a h-bridge and motors would most likely fit and give more power/torque?

The TB6612FNG Motor Controller is around 1" x 1" and works great on Melvin's stock motors so some smaller ones would be no problem (I doubt larger ones would be an issue either, my TB6612FNG has never gotten remotely warm.

In fact, if you want to desolder the pin headers and my early attempts of soldering after a 15 year break I will dig one out that I have no intention of using and get it sent over if you want. Just drop me an email or fb message or whatever sometime (although the next week or two I will have very limited time).


The purpose would be to keep the project simple and the ducki is very light , but I will consider the offer when when we have a physical pla core and I can do the.finish work. Then I can weight it on a scale and see what we have to work with. This second ducki robot will be heavier than the first.